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Employment Prospects for Business Education Students in Nigeria

Employment Prospects for Business Education Students in Nigeria



Background to the Study

The increase of massive unemployment among Nigeria youth has been a persistent economic and social problem staring the country on the face and this gives cause for great concern. Unemployment according to pertinger (2010) is defined as a situation where someone of working age is not able to get a job. It is the condition of been out of job unemployment is not a simple phenomenon some of it is temporary in the sense that it is only for a short duration, while some of it is more chronic business education on its own is defined as educate for business or training for business skill which are required for use in business offices, clerical occupation and business analysis (ikechi). Ukwuanasor and Nwozor (2000) it is the process of instructing a person on what happen during business transactions in banks, offices, market or anywhere money changes hand. One will also ask what the word “student” really means. It is refer to a person who is undertaking a course of study on a programme of study in the university, college of education polytechnics and even secondary school. Therefore, the employment opportunities for business education student after graduation includes; teaching booking-keeping and accountancy jobs clerical and general office jobs, stenographic and secretarial jobs. However, we are living witness to a very considerable, increase in unemployment among graduated student and even secondary school leavers in Nigeria.

A post by the Nigeria best forum (NBF) of July 19, 2010. It was discovered that the level of unemployment in the urban area of Nigeria as at 2010 stood at 49.9 percent according to the bureau of statistics. This figure was made up of able bodied men and women between the age of fifteen (15) and fifty nine (59) years. Unemployment in Nigeria is fast becoming a national threat, according to musa (2000) no country has ever survived high rate of unemployment because its create social instability, the social consequence range from waste of production capacity, human resources devaluation of the worth of the individual, lack of capacity for investment, and to eradicate this unemployment situation which is here with us, it will really cause more social instability, then is experience in the country for law and order moral of the individual to be maintained. It is very disheartening that most student is in business education programme do not know area of prospects available to them than even after graduation some of  the still room about the street of urban without been employed. It is indeed very essential to keep the individual busy through productive work.

Dudeny (1980) said that work is such an important part of our lives. Its means earning a living if offers opportunity of using our knowledge and ability of development through social experiences in ways which brings a measure of personnel fulfilment and contributes to the wealth of the community.

Marvin and Marcia (1984) opined that getting and keeping job is every individual priority, working means money, a home, a car, vacancy for kids, a secure retirement. Good educational system should prepare the student to live effectively and defiantly in the society in which they belong, the value of education is sometimes measured by the ability of the individual to use his training to secure gainful employment in the future, his education is evidently of the value either to themselves or to the society, in which he lives, an individual is said to be unemployed when he is amplified and he is willing to work built cannot secure job in the labour market.

Osuala (1981) put it that any business education should aim at achieving the following goals;

  1. Preparing the student that is entry into employment.
  2. Meeting the manpower needs of the society.
  3. Increasing the options available to each student
  4. Enabling the student to wisely select a career.

All these are aims of business education after looking at unemployment rate been experienced the importance’s of work is every human being.

Based on the above discussion, the researcher therefore carry out a study to fine out the employment prospect available for business education of Nigeria. This study includes a critical observation of what business education can do in equipping the students with appropriate skill and competences for gain full employment.

Statement of the Problem

Nigeria is suffering from high rate of unemployment which is a threat to youth in this country now and those seeking for course of study that will fetch them employment after graduation, this why in our institution of higher learning today, there are courses which have higher influx of student wanting to offer them especially.

Business education is one of them; it is a type of education that prepares a student for the job he or she is going to enter in the future. The aim is to equip the student with skills, knowledge and competences necessary to perform in business occupations and for entry into employment either an employee of a self equipped person. Indeed the problem of the student is that most students are ignorant of jobs available for them after graduation and these results to massive employment. Hence this study is to find out employment prospects available for business education student of Nigeria.

Purpose of the Study

The purpose of this study is to find out the employment prospects available for business education students. Specifically the study intends to identify the following;

1      Employment prospects available for business education   students in

  1. Manufacturing sector
  2. Distribution sector
  3. Education sector
  4. Information and communication technology (ICT) sectors.
  5. Government business sector3.     Of what importance is career information in    employments?
  6. 4.     How satisfied would business education students be in   their future job?
  7. 2.     What competences are business education students        expected to possess?

Significance of the Study

It is hoped that the findings from this study would be of immense benefit to the students of business education programme, teachers, parents and the government.

To students, the study will create awareness in them and also provide information about job prospects available for them in regards to their employment in the future and even in the area of self employment. It would serve the purpose of providing information in the extent to which students of business education programme secure jobs after graduation in their area of specialization offers more jobs opportunities.

To parent, the study would build their interest about business education and also help them to advise and encourage their children on the right career path to choose.

To teacher, the study would help them impact the necessary knowledge needed by student and pupils for successful career and also prepare student in their futures roles as employees.

This study would help the government to formulate curriculum and syllabus for student that would prepare them for employment and to make available enough position for employment of business education graduates.

Scope of the Study

The study shall basically be concerned in finding out the employment prospects available for student of business education programme. This study covers business education student of some selected university in Nigeria.

Research Question.

The following constitute the research question.

  1. What are the employment prospects that is available for business education students in;
  • Manufacturing sectors.
  • Distribution sectors.
  • Education sectors.
  • Information communication technology (ICT) sector
  • Government business sectors.

2. What competences is business education students expected to possess?

3.  Of what importance is career information in employment?

4.   How satisfied would business education students be in their future job?



The review of related literature on the study ‘‘EMPLOYMENT PROSPECTS” available for business education student of Nigeria universities.

The literature is reviewed under the following sub-headings.

  1. Conceptual framework.
  • Concept of business education.
  1. Theoretical framework.
  • Classical theory of employment
  • Keynesian theory of employment.
  1. Theoretical studies.
  • Employment prospects available for business education students.
  • Competence expected of business education students.
  • Important of career information in employment.
  • How satisfied would business education students be in their business jobs?
  1. Summary of related literature.

Conceptual Framework

Concept of Business Education

In forming the policy on education, a nation has to ask certain question which according to onwuegbuna (2004) are;

  • Education for what?
  • Education for whom?
  • What kind of education?

A nation has to consider the past, present and future problem and needs of the nation and thus, set the priority on the policy on which education will be based.

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