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Design and Construction of Shoe Shining Machine

Design and Construction of Shoe Shining Machine


This work consist of the design and construction of a shoe shining machine, it presents the feasibility study, the detailed design and methods involved in the construction.

Fabrication of the necessary parts of the machine and performance of temporary and permanent joining such as screwing and welding, were done and critical points on the machine were identified and their supposed effective forces were analyzed, two electric motors with 95% efficiency each were used as prime movers for the machine to produce an efficiency of 70%. The initial design of the machine was altered to suite the availability of material and conditions of operation also it was discovered that enough income can be generated if machine is placed in the right business environment.

The machine is found to be durable, effective, and efficient. It has a low cost of operation, installation and maintenance at the same time creates job opportunities.

Due to the design consideration such as durability, effectiveness and efficiency the machine s recommended to be suitable for the purpose of shining shoes at a reduced cost after it was tested.




Over the years, Nigeria, for example, has experienced the problem of cleaning, polishing and shining of shoes using the manual approach. This has led to the involvement of some, jobless Nigerians more especially the Northerners who go about the streets to polish and shine shoes in exchange for money.

But it has been deemed necessary to use mechanize approach in the search for a lasting solution to polishing and shining of shoes.

It is now necessary that the introduction of shoe shining machine in Nigeria which has been existing in the Western world is needed in our country. Compare Nigeria to Western world that have a better environment where dust and swamps are less available. Because of this reason, there is need for the modification of the shoe shining machine that will suit the environment of this country and the other parts of the world. This was done by the attachment of a brush which will serve the function of cleaning the sole and the dust before polishing and shining of the shoe, construction of features that enables the use of the machine comfortably under any weather condition, because of lack of technical know-how, the machine was designed in a way that skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled labour can adequately operate the machine without difficulty. This was done by designing the electrical mode of operation ahead of its casing because of its maintenance and availability. The shoe shining machine was portable, easy to power and can be operated by one person. The shoe shining machine has being modified to suit the environment of Nigeria. Due to the untarred nature of Nigerian roads, dust and dirt have being taken into consideration to get rid of them. Because of these, the attachment of brush whose responsibility is to clean and remove dust before applying the polish shoe shining machine is built in such a way that the size and shape can be moved about without much restriction.

The components of the shoe shining machine is made up of metal steel plates which is resistant to corrosion, 220V- 240V motor, the motor controller to regulate the speed and brushes for different purposes. The components mentioned above can be easily maintained and also available in the market. It is of great importance to design and construct such a feasible machine for the benefits of the country.

At this point, we deemed it necessary to design and construct a suitable shoe shining machine. If Nigerian government should help in the mass production of shoe shining machine, we think it will help in creating job opportunity for Nigerians.


The purpose of this project is to achieve the following aims and objectives:

  • Construct a machine that can clean, polish and shine a shoe at a reduced –    Construct a machine that is of lower cost and is both effective and efficient
  • Construct a machine that can earn income when placed in the right environment.
  • Construct a machine that can operate effectively under any weather condition.


In our project work we did the following:

  • Design the machine
  • Selected a suitable material for the machine
  • Fabricated and testing of machine


In our project work (design and construction of shoe shining machine) we designed a rectangular metal casing with arc shaped tops to cover the brush having the following components:

  • Electric motor: which will drive that shaft
  • The brushes that will be attached to the shaft
  • The polish dispenser that will apply the polish on the brushes
  • The On and Off switches: These will help to regulate the use of the machine.
  • The base that will contain the foot matt where the shoe will be rested. 

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Project Topic: Design and Construction of Shoe Shining Machine

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