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Thesis, Project Topic: A Statistical Analysis of the Length of Stay of Patients in Hospitals

(A Case Study of Ebony State University Teaching Hospital, Ebonyi State Univrsity Abakaliki).



DEFINITION: Length of stay in this regard is said to be a term used to describe the duration of a single episode of hospitalization. The inpatient days are calculated by subtracting day of admission from the day discharged. However persons entering and leaving a hospital on the same day have length of stay of zero or one.

ANALYSIS: A common statistic associated with length of stay is the average length of stay (ALOS). This is a mean calculated by dividing the sum of impatient days by the number of patients’ admissions with the same classification of diagnosis related group. Change in the calculation of ALOS can be considered only length of stay during the period under analysis.

Length of stay is typically skewed. So, statistical approaches taking that into account are recommended. While the mean length of stay is useful from the point of view of costs, representing a typical length of stay may make it a poor statistics.

It is also very useful to be able to predict an individual’s expected length of stay or model length of stay to determine factors that affect it. Many analysis have sought to model different condition contexts of length of stay. Regression models T has usually been used to do this. But Markov chain methods have been applied using regression approaches. Log-normal, logistic and linear regression approaches have been applied, but have been criticized by other researchers. That is carter and potts (2014) instead recommend use of negative binomial regression.

It was also found that the prospective payment system in some countries like USA Medicare for reimbursing hospital care  promotes shorter length of stay by paying the same amount for procedures regardless of days spent in the hospital.


The duration of length of stay in the hospital, stand to describe the period at which patients spent in hospital and the period through which they are discharged weather in healthy condition, not fully recovered and even in death cases, in as far as such person is no more in hospital admission. Meanwhile the average length of stay (ALOS) is then referred to the average number of days that patients spend in hospital. It is generally measured by dividing the total number of days stayed by all impatient during a year by the number of admissions or discharge. In this day cases are excluded.

In the calculation of average length of stay (ALOS), days and discharges of healthy babies newly born in hospitals are also excluded.

In the cause of this study it was found that people tend to spend days in the hospitals depending on the nature, severity and seriousness of their sickness.

It was found that what determines the long or short stay of patients in hospitals is the care offered by the hospital workers, the nature of the hospital environment and adequate and inadequate financial care by the patient caretakers. Also the nutritional care that is the type of food they are supplied with.

In some other foreign countries; many factors similar to the ones we mention here in Nigeria can explain these cross-countries differences. These factors include, the abundant supply of beds and the structure of the hospital payment, in Japan it provide hospitals with incentives to keep patient longer in hospitals.

Other factors include financial incentives inherent in hospitals payment method can also influence the length of stay in hospital of other countries.

In cause of the study, it was equally gathered that several factors explain the decline or incline in the length of stay in hospitals; this factors include the use of less invasive surgical procedures, changes in hospitals payment methods and expansion of early discharge programmers which enables the patient to return to their homes to receive follow-up care.

Concentrating on average length of stay for a particular disease or condition can remove the effect of different mix and severity conditions leading to hospitalization in every part of the countries.

Length of stay following acute myocardial infection (AMI) or heart attack, it also decline over the past decade, in 2009.

Care is necessary in making cross-country comparisons for example average of stay in Finland may include patient originally admitted for acute myocardial infection but who are no longer receiving acute care and might therefore be considered long term care patients.


Over crowed of people now in hospital is found to be increasing everyday irrespective what the medical practionals do to make sure that the illness of people is cured or prevented, this increase dose not respect the daily discharge of patience, but the case now is whether the length of stay has any regularity, it is therefore important to use statistics tools to analyze the length of stay equally to use the level of significant to test the sample data used in this study to know if it is drawn from a well distributed population of the length of stay of patient in the hospital.

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Topic: A Statistical Analysis of the Length of Stay of Patients in Hospitals (A Case Study of Ebony State University Teaching Hospital, Ebonyi State Univrsity Abakaliki).

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