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Problems Of Examination Malpractice And It’s Effects On The Academic Performances

Problems Of Examination Malpractice And It’s Effects On The Academic Performances Of Secondary School Students In Cross River State




Examination Malpractice: Education in the general sense covers the whole of an individual from birth till death or from cradle to grade, which shows that education is as old as man on earth. The formal school system is greatly influenced in its result on the lives of all who pass through it. In Nigeria before the 1840’s there was in existence a system of education which was broadly traditional, occupationally oriented and informal apprenticeship system. This type of education as at that time was relevant to the needs of the society. The advent and influence of the Christian Missionary activities affected a change from the informal system of education to the western oriented type of education. Preference was no longer for hardwork but acquisition of certificate. However, education is the greatest investment a nation can make for the quick development of its economy, political sociological and human resources. The development of any nation depends on education. The progress of students in education is usually tested by means of examination. According to Ezeocha (1985), Examination is regarded as all form of measurement and education test taken as institutional arrangement to determine the quality of knowledge or ability possessed by candidates as an affirmation or progress towards desired learning goals. If the purpose of examination can be argued to that of social goal, then, any action, intention or intentions aimed at frustrating this purpose is in effect anti-social and hence constitute a social problem. Examinations play vital roles not only in our educational system but also in the society as a whole. The society demands from its member’s adversity of specialized functions. In the Nigerian school system, various forms of examinations are noticed. These are the Entrance Examinations, the Terminal and Promotion Examinations, the Senior School Certificate Examination and the degree or diploma examinations. Students are required to pass any form of examinations they partake in. but these days, students now find various means of achieving success in these examinations and one of such ways is by cheating in examination through leakage in examination papers. Recently, in 2007 Senior School Certificate Examination, there were leakages of examination papers in some parts of Obudu Local Government Area of Cross River State, which led to the cancellation of Mathematics, Literature-in English, Physics and Chemistry. According to Chibuike (1995), a lot of educationists and well meaning Nigerians raised alarm in the mass-media, and magazines that there has been the greatest fall in the standard of education in Nigerian Secondary Schools. Examination Malpractices is a problem to society especially in our secondary schools where our future leaders are trained. As stressed by Ani (1999), Examination Malpractice is rated as one of the greatest problems that undermine the foundation of educational practice in Nigeria today. The magnitude of the problem and the danger posed by this phenomenon has been identified by eminent institutions, examination bodies and educational administrators. They see this problem as a national disease that requires surgical operation. They also attribute this fallen standard of education to Examination Malpractices by the students and teachers. Ani (1996) pointed out that the standard of education in Nigeria has fallen to a deplorable condition.  


The occurrence of Examination Malpractice at any level of educational stratum possess the greatest threat to the validity and reliability of any examination and consequently to the authenticity and recognition of certificate issued. A salient observer of the Secondary School System in Obudu Local Government Area must have noticed the prevailing Examination Malpractice. This exercise has precipitated regrettable appalling consequences, leading to loss of dignity, reputable and pride in the students, parents, and the society at large. The menace of this trend has adversely affected all facet of life ranging from the economic system to the socio-political system of this nation. Due to this ugly practice, the parents have no pride on their wards, and government has little or no qualified and reliable graduates to work with. Students themselves have no regard and value. As a result of this uncontrollable development in school system, the philosophy behind the administration of examination tends to be undermined. Examination Malpractice is such a deliberate act that has raised difficulty in the assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of both the practicing students and teachers. This makes nonsense of our certainty and as such the products of our schools are not reliable. To be more precise, parents get wrong information about the actual learning abilities of their children. This research therefore investigates the problems of Examination Malpractice and its effects on the academic performances of secondary school students in Obudu Local Government Area of Cross River State.   PURPOSE OF THE STUDY

The main purpose of the study is to investigate the problems of Examination malpractice and its effects on academic performances of secondary school students in Obudu Local Government Area of cross River State. Specifically, the study seeks to investigate:

  1. The effects of Examination Malpractice on the academic performances of Secondary School Students in Obudu Local Government Area.
  2. The effective use of qualified teaching staffs (teachers) in preventing Examination Malpractice in Secondary Schools in Obudu Local Government Area.
  3. The roles the school councilors have played so far in trying to curb this Examination Malpractice in various Secondary Schools in Obudu Local Government Area.
  4. The effectiveness of the use of well trained examiners in controlling Examination Malpractice in various Secondary Schools in Obudu Local Government Area.
  5. The necessary measures that will be applied by the Government in curbing this menace. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY
  6. The study will also be of immense benefit to the students themselves. The principal and teachers will equally benefit from the study since they will no more be blamed of not being able to equip the students before the examination. It will also offer them a prepare directives on how to control Examination Malpractices in their various schools. Finally, those who will engage in similar research in the future will find this work a very useful guide.
  7.           The Governments will as well benefit from this study because they will now know that there is problem in the educational sector and then fight it out. It will also offer people who are not within the school system for example, parents and guardians, an opportunity to scan through the results of their wards and further advise them better.
  8. This study no doubt, will be of immense value and assistance to understand the problem of Examination Malpractice and its effects on academic performance of Secondary School Students in Obudu Local Government Area. It is hoped that the outcome of this study will not only equip the chief executive of Examination Malpractice, but will see the members of the Nigerian public who will be the victim of this malpractice when it boomerangs, the traumatic experience.

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