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The Impact Of Marketing Concepts In Nigeria


The Impact Of Marketing Concepts In Nigeria Banking Industry A Study Of Enterprise Bank Ltd Abakaliki Branch



Earlier in 1986, the structural adjustment programme (SAP) and with the deregulation that came with it, customer satisfaction did not mean much to the banks. Precisely, bank customers bear whatever services the bank offered to them.

Chukwu (2000) observed, “Banks were not mindful of the need to improve their service quality as the financial service sector to Nigeria remained bankers’ market”. Customers matched their needs against the services provided by the banks. It was such that they were not particularly bordered if the services were rejected by the customer. Banks appeared to have access to excess liquidity. The competition in the industry that followed caused the bank manger to sit up.

Because of competition which came into the sector, it became imperative or the banks to be courteous and efficient in their services the survival of banks under aggressive competitive setting compelled banks to invest in human resources, modern technology and the development of new products, services and concepts to meet the never challenging needs of their various groups of customers. With the aggressive competition in banking industry today, of its apparent necessity. There have been growing interest in applying marketing strategies to the field of banking in recent times in order to retain your potential customers and make new ones”.

Most banks have come to realize the importance to be more innovative than competitors in creating, delivering and communicating superior customer value to its target markets. Marketing concept is the understanding of your customer and their importance to your business and also vital for a true customer oriented organization such as banks for their survival and success. The study report documents the result of a study that examined the impact of marketing concept in commercial bank in Nigeria.


To accept a concept is one thing, to implement that concept is quite another thing. A glance at corporate vision and mission statement of most banks in Nigeria will quickly reveal that they recognize the imperative of customer’s satisfaction to their overall success. However, interaction with bank customers often indicates that these banks are far delivering satisfaction to their customer. Apparently, it may be concluded that the impact of marketing concept particularly as it relates to implementation among these is statement implementation gap need to be investigated and in the instance, Enterprise Bank Ltd Abakaliki Branch is used as a case study.



The primary objective of this study is to investigate or find out the extent to which the marketing concept has impacted to the banks in Nigeria with respect to Enterprise bank ltd, Abakaliki branch specifically, the study tends to:

Determine whether Enterprise bank limited in Abakaliki is customer oriented.

Determine if marketing concept contributed to an increase in customers in Enterprise bank ltd Abakaliki branch.

Determine whether marketing concept in Enterprise bank ltd Abakaliki branch contribute to its customer retention and others.


In order to ensure efficient and effective research work, the researcher formulated these hypotheses the be tested statistically:

H0: Enterprise Bank Ltd Abakaliki Branch is not customer-oriented.

H1: Enterprise Bank Ltd Abakaliki Branch is customer oriented.

H0: Marketing concept does not contribute to an increase in customer’s satisfaction.

H1: Marketing concept contributes to an increase in customer’s satisfaction.

H0: Marketing concept does not contribute to customer retention in Enterprise bank ltd Abakaliki branch.

H0: Marketing concept contributes to customer retention in Enterprise bank ltd Abakaliki branch.


The important and relevance of marketing concept in banks in Nigeria cannot be overemphasized or under-estimated, been that marketing orientation use to enhance profitability. There will be serious implications in many ways. For example the following are likely essential benefit from this study:

Customers: The customers will benefit as the service render to them by the bank will be satisfactory.

Banks: The core of the marketing concept is to help organization to achieve their objectives and also to understand your customer and their importance to your business. Banks benefits profitably. It would lead to customer satisfaction and retention.

Academia: The study would be helpful to any researcher carrying out a research of this nature. It could serve as resource material.

Economically: It will help in establishing a functional marketing department in banks there by creating more employment opportunities for our marketing graduates and others. The economy will increase when the organization (Banks) are on the better side.



The research concentrated only on the impact of marketing concept in Enterprise bank ltd, Abakaliki branch precisely, other branches outside Abakaliki, were not studied, and also, no other bank except the bank mentioned above was studied.


In the process of carrying out this research these are some of the basic problems that were encountered. They included the following:

Time constraints: The researcher work and study as student, battling with office-work and class work and at the same time carrying out a research project and other personal activities was really a constrain to her.

Financial constraints: Another problem that research encountered here was finance, as the amount required for serious research work was not readily available considering the kind of economy we have and inflationary trend does not help matter.

Insufficient materials: Another problem that researcher encountered here was the problem of sourcing out information through the internet and from other relevant materials and text books for the literature.


I personally choose this enterprise bank ltd as my case study in my project because of its positive and progressive impact in the banking industry today in this Ebonyi State. The bank exists today in Ebonyi State because an Ebonyi indigenous son stood for its success by Name Mich Chukwu, the younger brother to the present minster of health in the federation when he Mich Chukwu was the M.D of a legacy bank called guardian express bank in Lagos which is the head quarter of the bank.

The guardian express bank was established in Nigeria in the year (2000). By 2003, Mich Chukwu was chosen to head the bank; he accepted the offer from CBN, litted the rapid growth in many parts of the state, including Enugu and Ebonyi State. Ebonyi State official building at No 7 Ogoja Road was commissioned by His Excellency, Sam Egwu in 2005, through his love and care for the state. To add to his crown, in the nation the CBN Governor Soludo banks consolidation exercise in 2006 made it more real when Mr. Mich Chukwu gathered five banks together to his bank guardian express bank to form spring bank in (2006) the Names of those bank are as follows: Citizen bank, ACB, Omega bank, Fountain Trust bank and Trade international bank.

Mr. Mich Chukwu was still the M.D, later in 2007, the CBN took over the bank from him and manage the bank until August 5, 2011, when the (CBN) game them hence to operate as a commercial bank under the new shareholding of the asset management corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) which fully recapitalized the bank with as cash injection of N121 Billion, in addition to an asset edge among the comity of strong banks in the country.


Ahmed lawan kuru, managing Director/Chief executive officer.

Prior to his appointment as managing Director/Chief executive officer, enterprise bank limited (EBL) Ahmed was executive Vice Chairman, Emeritus capital limited, a financial services firm, with specialty in international business development focusing in sub-saharam Africa.


Mr. Emeka Onwuka- Chairman, Mr. Saanusi Monguno-Director. Ezekiel Liya Gomos, OFR-Director, Mr. Garba Iman-Director. Mr. John Aderibigbe-Director. Mr. Lamis Shehu Dikko-Director. Mrs. Asmau Sani Maikudi-Director, mr. Asmausani Maikudi-Director. Mr. Ogala Osoka-Director. Mr. Ismaila Shuaibu-Director. Mr. Ebenezer Foby-Director. Mrs. Funke Olakunri-Company Secretary.


For the purpose of easy and better understanding and perfection of this research work. It is important to present a working definition of some important terms used in the research work.

—This article is incomplete———–This article is incomplete———— It was extracted from a well articulated quality Project, Research Work/Material


‘The Impact Of Marketing Concepts In Nigeria Banking Industry –A Study Of Enterprise Bank Ltd Abakaliki Branch’

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