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Education Thesis, Project Topic: Effective Technique for Teaching Social Studies in Primary Schools in Ohaukwu Local Government Area Of Ebonyi State.



1.1    Background of the Study

Social studies is a newly integrated school subject in our educational system. There are categories of people, teaching social studies in the different levels of educational institutions without any professional background on the strategies, techniques and method of teaching social studies and there are still another group who are associated with social studies as a result of their academic qualification having something to do with social studies.

According to Omabe (2007) which states that because of chain of idea and people operating under the umbrella of social studies personnel, there has not been any particular or acceptable single definition. She defines social studies as a subject which deals with day to day human survival problems, which is unique with every society.

According to Okoro (1989), the primary concern of social studies is to study man and his environment. Which means that, it focuses on how man influence and is being influenced by his physical and social environment.

In the same vein Adaralegbe (1988) argues that social studies is a problem approach discipline through which man studies and learns about problems of survived in his environment

According to the report of the national workshop on primary education research council (NERC) (1977) on, Guideline on primary curriculum” social studies has to do with those common learning of man interaction with his social and physical environments.

In conclusion, this document review that social studies” is not only course of student but a way of learning of how man influences and is influenced by his physical, social, economical, psychological and cultural environment” social studies is an integrated subject comprised the following Geography, History, Religious Government, Economics, Psychology and Anthropology. It is in an inter disciplinary subject in social sciences.

Therefore, it should be studied as integral whose ultimate bearing is to help the child to acquire the right type of values, attitude skill, knowledge which would make him live and function effectively as good citizen of his nation. In a nutshell, social studies as a school subject should help to make the child a usefully member of the society.

The Federal Government of Nigeria has made social studies a core subject at both primary and secondary school level of education system keeping in line with the 6,3,3,4, system of education in Nigeria

Nigeria education philosophy is based on the integration of individual into sound and valuable citizen and equal education.

Federal Republic of Nigeria (1997) national policy on education stipulates that the quality of instruction at all level of education has to be generated toward inculcating the following values:

  1. Respect for work and dignity of the individual,
  2. Faith in ones’ ability to make rational dissension.

iii.      Moral and spiritual values in interpersonal and human relations,

  1. Scared responsibility for the common good of the society,
  2. Promotion of the children’s physical, emotional and psychological health

These broad aims of education form the frame work of the objective of social studies in our schools. In our primary schools pupils should be encouraged to develop the type of values, skills, attitude and understanding necessary for living in the society.

1.2 Statement of the Study

Social studies is every bodies business as its introduction into the 6-3-3-4 system lacked instructional and specialized teachers. This resulted in inadequate integrated concept and methodologies required for social studies teaching and learning to achieve overall goal of the subject. It is based on this that the researcher has chosen to investigate the effective teaching techniques involved in teaching social studies in the primary schools in Ohaukwu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State and make usefully suggestions and recommendations to the teachers, pupils and society at large.

1.3 Purpose of the Study

Employing a varied and effective technique is very important in the teaching and learning situation. The strategies and technique used may under learning. The purpose of the study is to:

  1. Examine the various techniques involved in teaching of primary schools in social studies lesson
  2. To know whether the techniques or teachings involved by social studies specialist different from those that are not specialist.
  3. To know also the factors that influences teacher’s choice of the strategies and material to be used.

1.4 Significance of the Study

The significance of this research cannot be over emphasized.

  1. It shows the techniques for teaching social studies in our primary schools.
  2. To indicate counseling services to teachers of our primary schools
  3. It recommended to the government and educational planners   for effective teaching of social studies institution.
  4. It helps to promote the teaching and learning in our primary school in Ohaukwu local government.

1.5 Scope of the Study

For the purpose of the study the researcher will limit the survey to the primary schools in Ohaukwu Local Government Area. The area is filled with dryers and varying concentration of primary and secondary schools.

Succinctly, the system and pattern of teaching in these schools are not the same as a result of marked degree of difference in their works.

1.6    Research Questions

  1. What are the effective techniques involved in teaching and learning social studies in our primary schools.
  2. What are the reasons for selecting different your researcher questions must reflect with. One by one with your specific purpose of the study techniques used in teaching in particular lesson in social studies?
  3. What are differences between specialist and non-specialist in social studies?
  4. What are the best teaching aids employed by teachers in teaching the subject social studies?

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Topic: Effective Technique for Teaching Social Studies in Primary Schools in Ohaukwu Local Government Area Of Ebonyi State

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