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Education Project Topics and Materials

Education Project Topics and Materials

Generally, Education can be described as the process of facilitating learning, attainment of skills, knowledge, values, habits, and beliefs. There are different methods of education,including, discussion, storytelling, teaching, research and training. In almost every case, education is done under the tutelage and guidance of educators, although a learner or group of learners can educate themselves effectively. The way education takes place can be used to group education into formal or informal. This shows that any experience or exposure that has a formative effect on how the subject reasons, acts or feels may be regarded educational. Pedagogy is the methodology of teaching.

Formally, education is generally divided into stages like kindergarten or preschool, primary school, followed by secondary school and at the top are college, university. Apprenticeship is also formal education.

In universities in Nigeria, education is generally taught under the faculty of education. Faculty of education is made up of various departments depending on the university.

Below are some departments found under the faculty of education in Nigeria University:

Arts Education

Science Education

Adult Education

Education Foundation

Health and Physical Education

Library Science Education

Social Science Education

Computer Education

Home Economics

Economics Education

Physics Education

Technical and Vocational Education

Social Studies Education

Biology Education


Education project topics and materials

Project topics on education courses are here assembled to aid students of universities, collages of education, polytechnics etc as they write their projects.

Education project topics and materials

Below are some of the project topics, click on each topics to view the full materials

  1. Strategies for Improving Student’s Interest in Studying of Economics
  2. Sports Facility Utilization as Determinant Of Recreational Sports Participation
  3. Socio – Economic Status of Parents and Academic Performance
  4. Resource Provision and Utilization as Correlation of Performance in Economics
  5. Pedagogical Constraint to the Teaching of Economics
  6. Influence of Human and Material Resources on Teaching and Learning
  7. Influence of Climate Change on Family’s Well-Being
  8. Impact of the School Environment on Academic Performance
  9. Home Factors Necessary for Laying the Foundation of Values in Youths
  10. Effects of Administration of Guidance Programmes in Secondary Schools
  11. Challenges Confronting PTA Participation in Secondary School Administration
  12. Barriers to Educational Technology for Effective Pedagogy of Biology in Senior Secondary Schools
  13. Awareness and Knowledge on Effect Of Substance Abuse among Under-graduates 
  14. Problems of Using Instructional Materials in the Teaching of Social Studies
  15. Breast Feeding Practices of Mothers in Enugu Urban
  16. Documentation in Minimizing the Effect of Language Endangerment
  17. Motivation as Indices of Enhancing Teachers Output in Economics
  18. Inter-Religious Relations in Nigeria
  19. Problem of Student Dropouts by Secondary School Principals
  20. Factors Responsible for Poor Academic Performance of Students in Economics
  21. Investigating Fraudulent Financial Management Practices in Local Government System
  22. Factors Militating Against Teaching and Learning of Electrical and Electronics Technology in Technology and Vocation Education
  23. Strategies for Improving Students’ Academic Performance in Accounting
  24. Global Warming: Its Implication On Teaching Reading
  25. Factors Responsible for Ineffective Performance of Students in Public and Private Secondary Schools
  26. Assessment of the Use of Improvisation in Teaching Chemistry
  27. Effects of Instructional Material in the Teaching and Learning
  28. Availability and Utilization of Instructional Materials in the Teaching of Social Studies
  29. Effect of Economic Crunch on Effective Administration of Secondary Schools
  30. Influence of Educational Qualification of Parents on the Academic Performance of their Children in Biology
  31. Strategies for Reducing Truancy in Secondary Schools
  32. Challenges Encountered by Student-Teachers during Teaching Practice
  33. Causes of Primary School Dropout
  34. Factors Militating against Family Planning Education in Secondary Schools
  35. Teacher’s Perception of Moral Decadence among Secondary School Students
  36. Management Functions of Secondary Education Board (SEB) on Teachers
  37. ICT as instructional materials on Secondary School Students’ Achievement
  38. Teaching Practice -Problems against Effective Performance of Student-Teachers
  39. Cogan’s Clinical Supervision on Teachers Instructional Effectiveness
  40. Challenges of Biology Teacher Education Programme
  41. Effects of Cooperative Learning Strategy on Snr Sec Sch Students in Biology
  42. Local Government Participation in the Administration of Primary Education
  43. Christian Religious Studies Curriculum for Junior Secondary Schools
  44. Implementation of the Senior Secondary School Chemistry Curriculum
  45. Problems of Learning Chemistry in Secondary Schools
  46. Strategies for Effective Teaching Of Biology In Secondary Schools
  47. Error Analysis of Secondary School Students’ Essays in English Language
  48. Factors Contributing to The Increase in The Problem of Food Crisis in Nigeria
  49. Effect of Collaborative Strategy on Secondary Schools Students’ Achievement on Written Essays in English Language
  50. Development of Academic Information Monitoring System for Nigerian Universities


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