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Thesis, Project Topic: Impacts of Community Participation in the Administration of Secondary Schools in Ezza South



Background to the Study

Education can be defined as the process of transmitting societal value and desirable attitudes from one generation to another. Education seeks to socialize individuals so as to equip them with the desired mode of behaviors that is in conformity with the life of the society in which they live. It can be seen as the process of teaching training and learning in schools and colleges for the development of knowledge and skills so as to prepare individuals to live happily with themselves and others in the society where they live. It is designed to guide and direct the child in acquiring a culture and moulding his behavior in the ways of his community. The community plays an important role in seeing to the success of moulding and raising a responsible individual.

Community participation according to United Nation (1981) is the Creation of opportunities to enables all members of the community to activity contribute to and influence the development process and to share equitable in the fruits of the development.

According to Shehu (1996) Parent-Teacher Association is an instrument of community participation in education. Parent teacher association consists of parents of students of particular school and the school teachers forming a group with the objective of improving the running of such schools. In the 1960s when schools were not too many in Nigeria, government were able to effectively fund education and only few PTA’s existed. However, with the advent of numerous problems in the education sector, it becomes necessary for most of the schools to have PTAs to assist in solving the problems of the schools. As a result of the proliferation of PTAs all over the country it became necessary to organize them into schools. This development is a clear indication that parents would no longer sit and watch education standards in schools continue to fall.

Parents’ involvement and community engagement are critical vehicles through which the promise of quality education will be fulfilled, this is to increase school efficiency and student learning. Parent, community, and teachers working together within the teaching and learning process will have a tasting impact on the future of students and their success in the system, (William, 1997).

Communities   are   making   great   impact   in   enhancing schoolcommunity relations and in the administrations and financing of secondary schools. Community being in a cordial relationship with the school in promoting children’s well-being and educational success by providing infrastructure, recognizing students that perform well in class exam, in any game, or competition. It will boost the morale of those students and encourage others to work hard. Mapping out a day, monthly or termly to clean and take proper care of the school environment. Communities are also increasing rapport with the principals, administration, teachers and staff of the schools by encouraging, giving prizes and providing them with other facilities that can facilitate learning.

The impact of community in the administration and financing of students and staff personal is very important because it has positive and long lasting implications for the social and academic development of the students. Solely improving students’ relationships with their teachers will produce gains in achievement. However, those students who have close positive and supportive relationships with their teachers will attain higher level of achievement than those students with more conflicting relationships. Baker, (2006) stated that communities make sure that students are in good term with the school and providing basic facilities for them because they know that positive teacher-student relationship draw students into the process of learning and promote their desire to learn. To him, teachers who foster positive relationship with their students create classroom environments more conducive for learning and meet the students’ emotional, developmental and academic requirements.

The impacts of community in maintaining and administration of school plant facilities; according to Olutola, (1981) school plant refers to the site of the school, the buildings and provision of physical equipment. It embraces the permanent and relatively permanent possessions of the school resources such as machines, chalk, black board, laboratory equipments etc. The school plant is the specifically controlled environment with the intention of aiding both teaching and learning activities of the school. Community maintain school plant by repairing equipment for efficient services to be rendered, provide material like chalk/ black board, seats, chairs etc, Community also maintain school plant by giving people in the school system good orientation to inculcate in them the respect for effective management of school property and the regularity of maintenance are designed to keep the school plant operating at its optimal level so as to reduce the breakdown of equipments.

Impact of community in revenue generation in school is very crucial in the school. When community takes part in school activities, they take responsibility of their school. This increases the likelihood that funding initiatives will be supported. Communities who feel that they have ownership of their local school will start to take a vested interest in the schools success and work more fervently towards ensuring that the school continues to thrive and the needs of the school, both financial and otherwise, are met.

Statement of the Problem

The educational system of the country is in a turbulent state. This is characterized by strikes and industrial unrests from both teachers, and students at all level of the educational system (Dike, 1999). At the root of these strikes is poor financing of the educational sector which results in the delay of payment of salaries and wages, poor salaries and wages, poor provision of necessary infrastructures in schools and a complete threat to the quality of the products of our educational system at all levels. (Ogbeifum and Olisa 2001).

The fact that government alone cannot keep up this educational system functional in terms of financing aid hence administration is very obvious. This forms the bedrock for the call for private sector participation and the community involvement where public schools are located in order to make considerable input in the finance and administrative matters of the schools.

This research is specifically directed at investigating the impact of community participation in secondary schools in Ezza South Local Government Area, Ebonyi State so as to appraise the extent of their answering the clarion call to save our educational system from total collapse.

Purpose of the Study

The purpose of this research is to find out the impact of community participation in the administration of secondary schools in Ezza South Local Government Area of Ebonyi State.

Specially, the study will identify the impact of community participation in

  1. Enhancing school-community relations
  2. Effective funding of secondary schools
  3. The administration of students and staffing of the school personnel
  4. Maintenance and administration of school plant facilities

Significance of the Study 

This research will be of enormous importance and help to the students in my school and also   students   in   other institutions of higher learning as a whole.

The study is an avenue for the government institutions and communities to adopt effective way of administrating and financing of schools to make sure students need are met.

It will be useful to the state statistics and records department in computing the extent of community participation towards educational development and the ministry of education will also use it in estimating educational researchers to be allocated to different community school.

The study will proffer lasting recommendations that will be of immense help to policy-makers, planners, government agencies, private and public sectors, interested in financing schools.

The study will provide information for students and researchers conducting various studies in this filed of study. The study will also provide the much needed information that will be of help to policy-makers, social workers, donor agencies and ministry of education etc saddled with the responsibility of fighting illiteracy.

Scope of the Study

The study is limited to determining the impact of community participation in the administration of secondary schools in Ezza South… communities including

Onueke urban that make up the Ezza South Local Government Area.

The study also is limited to the role the community play in the school-community supervision, administration of student and staffing of the school, maintenance of school plant facilities and funding of schools.

Research Questions

Research questions formulated to guide the study are

  1. What are the impact of community supervision in school community relations?
  2. What are the impact of community relation in the administration of students and staffing of the school.
  3. What are the impacts of community in the maintenance of school plant facilities
  4. What impact has the community made based on revenue generation in the administration of schools?

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Topic: Impacts of Community Participation in the Administration of Secondary Schools in Ezza South

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